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BB All Stars Community! [21 :: May :: 2006 :: 04:29pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Just wanted to drop a quick note that I've recently started a new community for Big Brother 7: All Stars! It will include updates, info, gossip, and comments. Anything you want to add, really. Artwork, etc. We're looking for a lot of great people to make this an awesome, lively community.

If you're interested:

You don't need approval to join, so please pop over and add your two cents.


from tvguide.com [12 :: Apr :: 2006 :: 02:36pm]

THE NEXT BIG TWIST: The next round of CBS' Big Brother, likely to premiere in early July, will be an "all-star" edition in which fans can vote from a pool of 20 past players to fill the household's 12 to 14 openings. "This will be the most interactive Big Brother yet," exec producer Allison Grodner tells Variety. "Viewers will be involved more than in the past." Fine, but anyone who votes for Holly and her annoying voice will hear from me.
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Howie Gordon from Big Brother 6 Chat this Tuesday Night! [05 :: Nov :: 2005 :: 09:17pm]

There will be a Howie chat this Tuesday at 9pm Central on HowieGordon.com's chat room. Howie posts the details about this chat including rules here on his forum. Hope to see you there!

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[16 :: Oct :: 2005 :: 06:28am]

Does anyone know how to access the Housecalls week 14 Monday show on the cbs.com website. I am only able to access through week 12, and then this week, week 15 for some reason. Any help would be great! I missed last Mondays show and want to see it. :) Thanks!
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Kaysar Spills The Beans [22 :: Sep :: 2005 :: 05:12pm]

Per reality blurred, Kaysar confirms there may be an all-star season very soon.

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Big Brother 6 Update!! [21 :: Sep :: 2005 :: 11:00pm]


Big Brother 6 Update!!

The End...

Where in... questions are asked, evasive non-answers are given, Space Alien Julie refuses to brush aside the hair clump and somebody gets a whole lot richer...

(Who's got a big hug for you... er... hello?)

[20 :: Sep :: 2005 :: 11:19pm]

my feelings for the finaleCollapse )
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All Stars [20 :: Sep :: 2005 :: 10:19pm]

Survivor did it; now it's Big Brother's turn!
Since this season is a wrap, it has made me think about an All-Star season. Who would you pick from past seasons to be sent into an All Star Big Brother house? Pick 14.
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[20 :: Sep :: 2005 :: 06:48pm]

[ mood | distressed ]



I'm filling out my application RIGHT NOW. What are the odds - how many applications do ya suppose they get every season???

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I hope this gets accepted before the finale.. [20 :: Sep :: 2005 :: 12:10am]

Who do you WANT to win?
Who do you think SHOULD win?
Who do you think WILL win?

My answers:
Ivette (lesser of two evils)
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[19 :: Sep :: 2005 :: 05:55pm]

After trying for months to put into words why I just DON'T like Maggie, I finally figured it out. My coworker had asked me who I want to win (last week) and I said Janelle. He said, "Oh I hope Maggie wins" and I made a vomiting-face. He was like, "Don't you like Maggie??" I rolled my eyes.

He talked about her with this googoo look in his eyes, all glassy and whatnot. I said, "Well sure, it's easy to like Maggie because she's boring (wanted to add 'as hell', but I was at work lol). She's not exciting. There's nothing about her to dislike, so I'm sure you like her. Woohoo."

THAT'S IT! That's why I don't like her. She's boring as a brick wall. She has yet (that I've seen) to express an opinion one way or the other. I HATE people like that. Middle-of-the-road, on-the-fence, friend-to-everyone... Have an opinion, don't be afraid to make someone mad every once in a while. She never gets involved in anything, but instead uses her little manipulative cult-like brain force to get others to do things for her. Do you think Ivette really WANTED to go up against Maggie in the end? Nope, she used mind games to convince Ivette that their little cult needed protecting.

I think she may be an alien.

All that said, I don't know if I want HER to win because I hate Ivette, or if I want Ivette to win, just to upset the whole "WE ALL KNOW MAGGIE WILL WIN!" theory... Hmmmm.... Can't wait!
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Big Brother 6 Update!! [18 :: Sep :: 2005 :: 11:08pm]


Big Brother 6 Update!!

It Never Fails...

Where in... Julie's hair clump continues to poke her in the eye, and not bother her - animatronic!! - and they play several games... all leading to the final two strutting their stuff and Julie talking to her last guest in the Loser Lounge.

(... and then Ivette ripped off Maggie’s panties... )

[18 :: Sep :: 2005 :: 06:01pm]

[ mood | cranky ]

I'll watch on Tuesday, but only because I want to see what happens when all these lunatics get back together.

I don't get it. This is the only season, I think, that I've seen people be so obsessed over "friendship", even so much as to NAME THEMSELVES FRIENDSHIP! You came to play a game, hello??

In the past, friends have evicted friends, and there were no hard feelings. Why not this time? I don't think Ivette "has a good heart", as Janie said - I think she's just an idiot who has too low self-esteem to really play the game to her own advantage instead of worrying what her newfound "friends" would think.

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The Jury Backlash.... [18 :: Sep :: 2005 :: 09:49am]

Taken from http://www.jokersupdates.com/jshows/bigbrotherusa/updates/quickview.php ....

Ivette says that she thinks James or Howie should have asked "why did you take the *chance* to sit next to Maggie" instead of asking something like "why are you so dumb?" Ivette says she "avoided temptation" by taking Maggie.

M: You had no choice. If you evicted me, our alliance would turn our backs on you.
So, let me see if I'm understanding Maggie's comment correctly. She is basically saying that if Ivette had evicted her and taken Janelle, she wouldn't be Ivette's friend anymore.

Well, that's certainly a STRONG friendship don't ya think! Why can't Ivette see that Maggie isn't her friend. I suppose I'll be rooting for Ivette to win the money.

P.S. I have a feeling it's going to be a bitch to cancel my real player subscription. You have to call an 800 number to cancel. Has anyone cancelled yet and if so, were they any problems?
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Kaysar's Revenge of the Houseguests Blog Entry [16 :: Sep :: 2005 :: 05:11pm]

Can I get an AMEN for Kaysar!

Wow... What can I say about these three ladies? Nothing positive that's for sure.

I have been asked on several occasions if I am upset with Ivette's racist comments, and April's compulsive lying. All I can say is that any feeling of anger I had for these ladies is overshadowed by an overwhelming sense of disappointment and sadness. Simply put... I feel sorry for them. They will be held accountable for their actions outside of the Big Brother house. Someone needs to explain to them that it's not okay to sell your soul for money. Every time they give a speech about the importance of friendship, loyalty, integrity, and honor my stomach begins to turn. As for Maggie... Sure, you may consider your blank stares, and apathy a strategy but I assure you that it is not. You, Maggie, represent those in our society who sit around quietly and watch the good people of this world go down in flames. And when the dust begins to settle you feast on what’s left.

With that said... I think I'll speak a bit about Janelle. Although she and I come for different walks of life, I respect Janelle for who she is because she is true to herself. She didn't prance around the house delivering speeches about topics she knew nothing about. Her genuinely shined but went unnoticed to several houseguests (I won't mention any names). Why? Because they speak a completely different language. If they took the time to stop preaching and truly played the game "with their hearts," they can hear the loud thump that resonates from the chests of those houseguests who truly exhibit honor. Instead, ironically, those foolish houseguests who claim to speak the language of integrity aligned themselves with those who are like minded. These were the houseguests driven by greed, arrogance, and the lust for fame. For those who think this was only a game, think again. These past three months have been an extension of our lives.

Marcellas scolded him for this entry and the Kaysar fans called in flaming Marcellas! *lol*
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Big Brother 6 Update!! [14 :: Sep :: 2005 :: 11:19pm]


Big Brother 6 Update!!

Don't Take It Mean.

Where in... the harpies finally turn on each other and the fur flies. We have an all important 'final veto' and the beginning of the last head ho games... Oh and we finally watch one of the icks leave!

(screams: you want the veto? You can shove it up your...)

[14 :: Sep :: 2005 :: 11:36am]

Winner of the first round of HOH..Collapse )
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[14 :: Sep :: 2005 :: 11:39am]


[13 :: Sep :: 2005 :: 11:16pm]

SpoilerishCollapse )
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Big Brother 6 Update!! [12 :: Sep :: 2005 :: 11:14pm]


Big Brother 6 Update!!

Boink... Boink.

Where in... the fact that it's early September suddenly becomes inconsequential because in the BB6 editing room... it's all April. Firmly impaled by her own ego, she twitches and convulses yet manages to live on. There's boobie poking, stunned disbelief, and a wee bit of fame for the leggy one.

(Are you taping this?)

Michael & Kaysar's Website [12 :: Sep :: 2005 :: 06:33pm]

Can someone please give me the address for Michael & Kaysar's website? Thank you :o) Do any other past or current Big Brother houseguest have website's also?
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[11 :: Sep :: 2005 :: 02:22pm]

This one fight between April and Ivette with Maggie as referee makes the $29.95 I spent on feeds totally worth it!!!!!!!
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[11 :: Sep :: 2005 :: 02:56pm]

Some please update on the fight between April and Ivette that's happening now.
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[11 :: Sep :: 2005 :: 02:43pm]

veto spoilerCollapse )
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And the cows turn on each other... [11 :: Sep :: 2005 :: 01:28pm]

[ mood | giddy ]

I hope you feed guys are seeing what I'm seeing right now...

Read more...Collapse )

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A riddle? [11 :: Sep :: 2005 :: 01:37pm]

I was reading the live feed updates from last night and the girls keep talking about the last safe and when will the competition for it be. There's been no word yet but they did get this riddle from BB:

What is greater than God, more evil than the devil, the poor have it, the rich don't need it, and if you eat it, you'll die?

I know the answer...but I'm wondering what that means to the game and to the safe.
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Ta DAAAAAAA! [10 :: Sep :: 2005 :: 10:13pm]

I'm so proud of Janelle. She is thinking so strategically. I always think of her as the pretty, kinda cocky one, which is why I love her, but her nominations and her deliberations over those nominations really showed how smart she is about the game. While the Friendship is trying to carry each other at the expense of their personal games, Janelle has shown that she is thinking for herself and made decisions strategically.

And is she totally working on Ivette or what?! I love watching the Friendship crumble a little more every ep.

Spoiler cut?Collapse )

I don't want it to sound like I thought Janie was a spoiled brat, but she kinda acts like that, you know? Like in a cute way, like my icon, cocky and cool. I was just so impressed by tonight's ep and I love her so much more!!
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WHAT THE!!?? [10 :: Sep :: 2005 :: 08:04pm]

[ mood | infuriated ]

umm.. for those of you in the san francisco bay area..

why is big brother


on right now??

its not on cbs 5.. and its not on upn 12 when they decide to switch it up on us..

whats going on????!!!!

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Odd [10 :: Sep :: 2005 :: 07:11pm]

[ mood | amused ]

So I was watching Season 2 of "Nip/Tuck" on dvd and who other than Miss Holly King would make an appearance as a porn nurse? Not just any porn nurse. She's credited as "Porn Nurse Kimberly" in the episode entitled "Sean McNamara" 2:15. It's amusing, even though its a non speaking role. She does have that duh look on her face like usual.

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America's Choice Winner.. [10 :: Sep :: 2005 :: 08:50am]

If this has already been posted in the queue, please delete...

follow moiCollapse )

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