Frankie the long lost Charmed one (piperbm102927) wrote in big_brother_6,
Frankie the long lost Charmed one

Ivette has won veto and she will 99.9% vote to evict april on tuesday. April is very pissed off because ivette screamed when she won it. she was excited and april felt like ivette was rubbing it in her face. but as it looks, april will be leaving the big brother house on tuesday. honestly, its time. i'm actually starting to like ivette. i like the final 4. janelle has definitly proven herself to be a great playr. the shyt april was saying last night was insane. "i have a real job to go back to. maggie has a real job to go back to. what does janelle have? she gets paid to talk about sex and drugs and alcohol."get over it april she did better than you and she'll make it to the final 3. i dont know, but i always wonder 2 things. 1.) if i were in the house, which alliance would i have been on? 2.) what are they like in the real world? because i feel like people are different in the house than they are in the real world.
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