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Kaysar's Revenge of the Houseguests Blog Entry

Can I get an AMEN for Kaysar!

Wow... What can I say about these three ladies? Nothing positive that's for sure.

I have been asked on several occasions if I am upset with Ivette's racist comments, and April's compulsive lying. All I can say is that any feeling of anger I had for these ladies is overshadowed by an overwhelming sense of disappointment and sadness. Simply put... I feel sorry for them. They will be held accountable for their actions outside of the Big Brother house. Someone needs to explain to them that it's not okay to sell your soul for money. Every time they give a speech about the importance of friendship, loyalty, integrity, and honor my stomach begins to turn. As for Maggie... Sure, you may consider your blank stares, and apathy a strategy but I assure you that it is not. You, Maggie, represent those in our society who sit around quietly and watch the good people of this world go down in flames. And when the dust begins to settle you feast on what’s left.

With that said... I think I'll speak a bit about Janelle. Although she and I come for different walks of life, I respect Janelle for who she is because she is true to herself. She didn't prance around the house delivering speeches about topics she knew nothing about. Her genuinely shined but went unnoticed to several houseguests (I won't mention any names). Why? Because they speak a completely different language. If they took the time to stop preaching and truly played the game "with their hearts," they can hear the loud thump that resonates from the chests of those houseguests who truly exhibit honor. Instead, ironically, those foolish houseguests who claim to speak the language of integrity aligned themselves with those who are like minded. These were the houseguests driven by greed, arrogance, and the lust for fame. For those who think this was only a game, think again. These past three months have been an extension of our lives.

Marcellas scolded him for this entry and the Kaysar fans called in flaming Marcellas! *lol*
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