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Just a girl...

The Jury Backlash....

Taken from http://www.jokersupdates.com/jshows/bigbrotherusa/updates/quickview.php ....

Ivette says that she thinks James or Howie should have asked "why did you take the *chance* to sit next to Maggie" instead of asking something like "why are you so dumb?" Ivette says she "avoided temptation" by taking Maggie.

M: You had no choice. If you evicted me, our alliance would turn our backs on you.
So, let me see if I'm understanding Maggie's comment correctly. She is basically saying that if Ivette had evicted her and taken Janelle, she wouldn't be Ivette's friend anymore.

Well, that's certainly a STRONG friendship don't ya think! Why can't Ivette see that Maggie isn't her friend. I suppose I'll be rooting for Ivette to win the money.

P.S. I have a feeling it's going to be a bitch to cancel my real player subscription. You have to call an 800 number to cancel. Has anyone cancelled yet and if so, were they any problems?
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