Bethany (gigglerat) wrote in big_brother_6,

Kaysar Spills The Beans

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EEE. I hope there's one!
they need to do an all-star season or else BB will tank.
ok, i just read the chat transcript..

< AmericaHatesIVET > Kaysar, do you think Ivette is aware just how badly America despises her?
< KAYSAR_BB6 > I think they are a bit overwhelmed. People are stopping them on the street expressing their disgust for them.

HAHAHA. that is so hilariously awful.
I want that hot virgin boy who made it to the final three a few seasons ago, Jason, to come back.. OMG he was sooo adorable.

oooooooh and Will the firefighter (or maybe it was Eric.. eric the figherfighter, but the AWESOME one who talked in his sleep.. ha that was great)
and I would love to see Kaysar or Jannie on all-star.
CBS, if you're listening...

PLEASE DON'T bring back Josh Feinberg!!!!

And please, no Hardy or Gerry either!
I wonder who all they would put on there. I hope they put Dr.Will & Boogie. Maybe even Shannon so she can ruin someone else's toothbrush.
Marcellas? Possibly.
Do you think it will be on as the next edition? Or BB8?